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Littlewoods is a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who work with integrity and consideration for your project requirements. The team will guide you through the process and make multiple suggestions for sustainable choices to help your vision be realized.

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Quality Landscaping, Excavation and Site Work

Since 1999


Function and form come together to creatively

deal with the steepest of slopes. By themselves

or incorporated with a stairway, retaining walls

can create beautiful planting areas or level

areas for recreational use.


Mother nature may make a puddle or washout the incorrect place… If the cellar floods out every spring- Protect your family and your investment in your home by redirecting the water.


Safety, sunlight and esthetics are important to every families home. A big old tree or trees must eventually be cut down and removed along with the stump.


Nothing adds charm like an

outdoor patio. Either around the pool, off the

back porch, or as a stand alone feature, patios

provide great useable space for entertaining



The calming sound of running water or the

mirrored reflection of a still pond can delight both

sight and sound. Bring the best of the outdoors

into your backyard. Even the smallest water

feature can add interest to any landscape project.


“A diamond is forever” In New Hampshire our

diamond is GRANITE! Granite has timeless

endurance and rustic look that compliments, a

country farm house, to a stately manor home

and everything in between.


Welcome to our Home! Is the first impressions

a gentle curving walk that leads to the front

door. Accented with plantings, birdbaths, or a

park bench the front of the house can be just

as enjoyable to be around as the backyard.


Everyone eventually needs some type of

project done that involves heavy equipment. Build a foundation, a new septic system or a demolition project.

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